Biennale Venezia 2005: Play the glass, Masuda Hiromi

From the official press release about exhibition:
“The project PLAY THE GLASS, is the rhythmic creation of glass bubbles distributed in the old rooms of the
Scoletta di S. Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento. The result is that of a prehistoric space marked by
spherical forms that are duplicated in an urgent rhythm, recognisable as a prefigural manifestation,
something coming before form, and hence closely linked to an emotion.”

Scoletta di S. Giovanni Battista e del SS. Sacramento
(Arsenale/S.Zaccaria boat station, line n. 1-51),
Campo Bandiera e Moro, Castello 3790 – 30122 Venice






Vicenza: Parco Querini and other

I’m back from a long stop.
Time to enjoy the last days of summer sun, Vicenza offer some pretty details again.


vicenza parco querini

vicenza parco querini

vicenza piazza dei signori

Vicenza, a city in northern Italy, is the capital of the eponymous province in the Veneto region, at the northern base of the Monte Berico, straddling the Bacchiglione. Vicenza is approximately 60 km west of Venice and 200 km east of Milan. As of 2007, Vicenza had an estimated population of 119,038. [1] Vicenza is the third largest Italian industrial city by export.

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