On the road: dont think… shoot!!

A little series of blurred pictures. In the car of my friend Joe, we run on the freeway to Padova (between Venice and Vicenza) to partecipating in a short movies festival.
My camera cant be without nothing to do, me too.
Shooting without thinking, this is a Lomography rule?






urban details

in Vicenza, a city near my town, there is a lot of nice places, but my eyes are not like a tourist eye. I like to see over.
in these two pictures you can see Cables on the wall and a simmetry about sky and a palace restoration: human people think that is better to restore building rather clean the sky, it isn’t?



Fairies in my garden?

In the microcosmo of my garden there is a possibility to see some amazing creatures, but only in a sunny day and if you are sensitive about paranormal. In detail, look better when there is moss on little bricks, you can see little roads and artificial construction, you must see that only if you are very close… Did you see nothing? be patient, very patient, and one day you can discover the truth

moss on bricks

leaf on the horizon

wood on soil

wood on soil

the kitchen garden

There is a little kitchen garden in my house.
My father is the chief of these kinf of job, I like to see vegetables growing up and sometime, especially in sunny days, there is some interesting details to keep im my camera, there it is:






Gumsticks and organic abstract

Little organic characters in cartoon style.
Do you smell a sort of digital flavor? …. like chemical flavoured sweets… mmmhhhh !!
Some images show GumSticks, that are inspired by Vomic.

Organic Helix with light inside

Organic Helix and GumSticks

GumSticks group
Red Matrix Extrude