Old graphic projects

Some old graphic projects are back to be renewed under my eyes.
A tribute pages to Pink Floyd and Radiohead: two of my best favourite bands.
A page with old graphic illustrations called Human Body Parts… a background sound inspired by dark feelings, just a graphic joke to test my webgraphic skills.
Notice that you can buy some customized gadget about Human Body Parts! 😉

Human Body Parts

Tribute to pink floyd

tribute to radiohead

Just to begin…

My first post of my PhotoDump.net project.
The intent is to learn english? To show my works on the web? to earn something Selling the HiRes version of the pictures published here? Something like this… I’m thinking about it, I’ve not defined the final aim, can you help me to decide?

These pictures appear each time you reload the home page of PhotoDump.net.
I’ve taken them with my Nikon Coolpix 4500. The places are Schio (northern Italy, near my town in Vicenza province) and in my home… just look and shoot…

PhotoDump.net Cover no. 4

PhotoDump.net Cover no. 3

PhotoDump.net Cover no. 2

PhotoDump.net Cover no. 1