Nature and technology, an analogy

Various shoots, various ambients. Nature and technology are integrated in misterious way. Lot of things are unknow and unexplained, but we live without ask something more about usual and routines of every days.
I’m looking around and something freeze my eyes, and a question sounds inside me: “Why I am, where I am?”.. and more, more…

Orange cocktail glass

Leaves sand banks in a window

Alien bud in spring time

Green lizard stopped to take a picture

My MAC keyboard, in my lab

An attic that doesn't exist anymore

3D cellulars

Some microscopic pictures about my cellular structure of my brain. There is something strange… maybe I’m sick! (too much hours on my Mac can be dangerous to my mind, also to my phosical health and structure!!).
Any doctor visit this web site? I’m looking for a medical opinion about it… or simply a princess kiss to save me… 😉

Cellular composition

Cellular composition

cellular composition